Hi I am Olena!


 I’m currently studying REACT.js and have experience with HTML5, CSS3, SCCS, JavaScript, WordPress, Bootstrap, Material UI and Git. I’m a technology lover and I like to build things for web.

My stack:  

(when you click on the buttons or links, it will show you certifications I received)

  • Coursera ( basic CSS3 rules, how to add interactivity to the page and the
  • animation.)
  • freeCodeCamp (basic CSS, advanced CSS3)
  • Coursera (basic concepts of HTML, interaction with DOM and tags, concepts of validation and accessibility.)
  • freeCodeCamp (basic HTML, interaction with DOM, accessibility)

  • Coursera ( basic Java Script (variables, looping, functions, debugging tools), interaction with DOM using events and dynamically alter the contents and style of the page.)
  • freeCodeCamp (basic JavaScript, interactions with DOM, data structures, algorithms, functional programming

Basic knowledge of Responsive Design (  wireframes, fluid design, media queries, and the use of existing styling paradigms. I learned how to create sites that behave across a range of platforms and how to utilise existing design frameworks such as Bootstrap.)

Good knowledge with WordPress, this profile site is made using one of WordPress themes and is hosted using WordPress hosting.

  • Udemy (basic features and syntax of React, ES6 new features, components, hooks, styling, debugging, web API)
  • freeCodeCamp (basics of React as part of Frontend Libraries Certification)

Active user of GitHub, my profile is https://github.com/HelenDrug