See below my old and recent projects. Most of them where created during 100DaysOfCode coding challenge, which I took in spring 2020. During developing I used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Material UI, React, WordPress.

CodePen projects —>

Codesandbox projects:

Here I mostly did some small React projects while studying. While developing them I learned how to create components, work with diff data structures, handle events, routing, style components and many more.

  • Author Quiz (small quiz where you have to guess which book was written by the author on the picture)
  • ToDo List
  • Star Match Game (you need to pick up a number which corresponds to the count of starts)
  • Github Cards App (you wrote a name in input field and you get a card of GitHub user )

web pages

FronendMentor different challenges:

PORTFOLIO on WordPress

My portfolio is my current project made on WordPress platform.

Technologies used:

WordPress PHP


PORTFOLIO on Bootstrap

This portfolio page was made using Bootstrap. Pages ware made from scratch using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and are fully responsive.

Technologies used:

HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap




SimpleStow is flagship program designed specifically for stowage planning of container vessels and container data processing.

It is primarily intended for planners in shipping lines tonnage centers, on container terminals, marine and government agencies and for other categories of marine professionals involved in ship planning, exchange and processing of cargo information.

The program is compact, intuitive and easy to use.

Technologies used: